Friday, November 28, 2008

The Great Music Industry Implosion

I'm sure that anyone who so far has read all my recent blog entries on "Joe Hasselvander's Blog Of Doom" have come to realize that music has a great deal of influence in my life! I have actually marked time by connecting it with bands, music styles and rock and roll events!
Some people think I'm wasting my time giving all of this too much thought or that I'm just crazy or the most condescending and narrow minded of theories, that I need to just flat out grow up which brings me to this entry's subject!

In the thick of the British Invasion of the 1960's bands and musicians were finally getting their deserved recognition unlike the players of the 1940's and 1950's who were just forgettable names on the back of some band leader's jazz record that later died in complete obscurity never being connected to their incredible contributions to music again!

In the 1960's the music industry was driven by what the people wanted and the people wanted to know their idols up close and personal! To be a star in those days you had to work very hard and be extremely talented and self motivated and most important you had to be able to duplicate your sound on the live stage! This new music commanded respect!

I thought for sure that the music industry had gotten past that kind of thinking and treatment toward deserved musical genius for good!

Well folks, it's back and it's sucking all the air right out of the room for all of us in music who do this for a living and have dedicated our lives to creating the best music and live presentations possible for you, the public!

It seems now that the people making all the money and getting all the airplay are really not musicians at all but merely groups or personalities focusing entirely on spoken word (Rap) or dance (Girl/Boy bands)!

A very washed up Britney Spears attempting a comeback on the world's worst music awards on the plastic and shallow MTV network! It's hard to hide behind a lie when in reality this musical act isn't about music at all but about burlesque and in that business, when the looks are gone you've got nothing!

This is what our future looks like! Take a good look and listen to what this targeted media specimen believes to be reality! This is the pure unadulterated dumbing down of our society! It is all part and parcel of the contributions made by the new world order media to brainwash us in to buying anything they want us to buy including their philosophy of sex and death! With all the chaos they influence you would think the government would step in and stop the media from preaching this base life style of self centered excess! They can't and do you know why? They have vested interest in this crap and are probably behind it in the first place!

It is no longer about perfecting a style of music original to the individual artist or the craftsmanship involved in developing the songs and the image!

It's clear that record companies are only interested in providing background music for dirty dancing, drug trafficking, guns and yes, murder! Do you think I'm nuts? Read on!

The governments of the world have always tried to demonize rock and roll, heavy metal and the people that write and perform it when in fact it is the major labels not the bands that push that agenda to romanticize immorality and rebellion to children! Young minds easily gravitate towards alternative ideologies to "BE DIFFERENT" in the name of getting attention and bettering their odds of getting laid! For the record companies this is an endless money maker!
Do you still think I'm wrong? Maybe you too need to wake up and smell the coffee!

The crap these record companies are selling the kids now has nothing to do with music and everything to do with pimps, whores, guns, cocaine, gang activity and most of all the promise of easy money for these slime balls who's kids only go to the finest schools and have the finest of everything and above all are safe from the garbage that they themselves perpetuate!

The music industry now sells death in place of entertainment to the masses who have successfully been fooled in to thinking that ghetto gang life is glamorous! Anyone with sense knows that it's a dead end!
Are the record labels actually suggesting that we all live in an abysmal world of street violence and cower in our homes while our children and our windows get shot up?

It is about major music labels and their owners and employees downsizing their companies in order to live even higher on the hog than they already do by lowering their musical standards even more by exclusively creating and controlling the groups they sign and relying on one or two vocalists and a keyboardist in charge of synthetically duplicating drums and other instruments needed to make an album and thereby eliminating thousands of jobs and the salaries included that would be needed to create halfway decent pop music albums that the public demands!
It is also cost effective to hire people who can't sing but only talk or "Rap"as finding good vocalists or bands is cost and time consuming! Seems they found a way around it all at our expense and at our children's expense!

Even some of the bigger independent labels who still are in the rock and roll and heavy metal business want instant monetary gratification NOW and not later! So today instead of developing groups over time they only sign and give work to death metal bands who play ridiculously fast so that you won't notice how bad they really are with singers who simply grunt and growl similar to "The Cookie Monster" making Cronos from "Venom" sound like Robert Goullette in comparison!

These bands are all disposable and there are millions of them lining up with their unreadable logos like an assembly line to be used , ripped off and then fired! They don't even get offered a last meal or a blindfold! This is now what they "the music industry"expect us to buy as the highest standards in music! Bands that are still holding on to their musical integrity are now being black balled in the business because to sign good bands would involve paying these groups for their good work and they don't want to start doing that again! Heaven forbid! which brings me to another important point!

The live music industry is now overpopulated with bands and musicians that "play it safe" and have yuppie computer geek day jobs and only play on the weekends as a "hobby" with their short hair and Metallica shirts they bought from Wal-Mart, further killing it for "real" bands, musicians and entertainers who do this for a living!

The owners of venues though don't care about quality they just want to sell liquor, in fact this is a dream come true for them! They have all adopted the fascist attitude that bands "play" and isn't that what children do? "Play?" This is how they morally justify not paying groups and they know that these weekend warriors don't really need money to play as they are loaded! How else could they afford all that outboard gear that they have no clue how to use or those expensive Paul Reid Smith guitars that would be used better as fine furniture instead of implements of rock?

Unfortunately the unprofessional hobbyist undercuts the professional musician by playing for free for these tactless bar owners with the false promise of exposure and the "Maybe next time" lie! Accepting these abysmal deals from venues and promoters is what has ruined the credibility of all musicians and has all but dissolved a proud occupation!

Hey! What ever happened to giving the people their money's worth? Don't club owners and promoters like staying in business? The same could be asked of the recording industry as it is now imploding because of the internet offering free downloads of the music they are trying to sell! If you ask me they've had this coming for some time! What ever happened to good business sense?

It's the dumbing down of society for money's sake and the profits that follow! The end results will be much like what happens in the classic science fiction movie"Planet Of The Apes" where the remaining population of earth imitate a long dead society much more advanced than theirs and don't know for the life of them why, save for a a chosen few!

In the immortal words of the late Charlton Heston, "Damn Dirty Apes!"

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dale said...

man that was fucking awsome. you said what i've been thinking for years,a well writen & brutally honest blog thank's {quartz boulder}.dale